“Show Them Jesus”

Show Them JesusA book review by Martha Jo Melton.  I am so thankful for New Growth Press for publishing, Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids, by Jack Klumpenhower. It is PHENOMENAL!!!!- No exaggeration! It has encouraged and challenged me, equipped and highly motivated me to share, teach and know the Gospel, BUT more than anything else, it has helped me see Jesus in a way that has made me fall in love with Him all over again!!!

After chapter three, I was already calling people on the phone to tell them to get the book! After chapter seven, I just cried. Jack’s emphasis on Jesus in telling the account of “Martha and Mary” just floored me. I have always identified with Martha in the story and always felt scolded and unapproved of when I hear the account. But looking at Jesus instead of just Martha’s response to Him, helped me to see how much Jesus loved and was caring for Martha even in her worry and sin. It helped me believe how much He loves me in the midst of my own worry and sin!!!! Just like the author confessed in the chapter for himself–I realized how much I have taught my kids about a “puny Jesus” or a “flat character” in a story instead of the interesting, complex, full Son of God the Bible shows Him to be- if I really look at Him instead of trying to find some moral or principle to emulate.

The book also does a fantastic job dealing with questions about grace and obedience. There is a whole appendix in the back called “Twelve Answers to the Objection That teaching God’s Grace Leads to Lax Obedience”. This has been such a huge issue in the church and I think he communicates his view so clearly-I loved it!

This is a book that looks like it is just for people involved in children’s ministry. It is an excellent resource for that….and for youth ministry….and parents wanting to tell their kids about the Gospel…and Grandparents! He answers the “Why teach the Good News” question and “How to Teach the Good News.” He gives incredible examples, he’s honest about his mistakes and failures, he shares great illustrations to use, questions to ask yourself when you are preparing a lesson and questions to ask your students. It is PHENOMENAL!!!

BUT-its real value to me has been how it has personally inspired me to approach the Bible, the Gospel, Jesus–with different eyes! The Gospel has become “The Best News” to me afresh and I am really excited for every chance to share it! I think “Kids” should be defined as ages 4-100!!! Every Pastor and elder and anyone involved in any type of Gospel Ministry will be thoroughly, challenged, blessed by, encouraged and equipped by this book!

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