SonRise Learning Center

The SonRise Learning Center offers all the intellectual and cultural values to be found in the public school setting along with a Christian emphasis. Christian perspectives are a vital thread that run throughout all of the classes and activities. In the loving atmosphere of our school, children develop a healthy concept of God and are encouraged toward a relationship with Christ. Scripture is contextualized into the everyday experiences of life. SonRise Learning Center is offered to children from 18 months to five years of age and is designed with the goal of helping students realize that they are created in the image of God as relational people who are endowed with purpose, intelligence, creativity, and emotions. Though the image of God has been marred by sin, through a relationship with Christ, our students are encouraged to grow in grace and use all that God has given to them for the ultimate Glory of God. To visit the SonRise Learning Centers Facebook  page,click HERE.


Preschool Director – Valarie Brunetti

2 Day (TTH) 2K Teacher – Stephanie Milz

3 Day (MWF) 2K Teacher- Lisa Cole

3 Day 3K Teacher – Ali Heironimus                                                                             

5 Day 3K Teacher – Carrie Spielman                                                                           

3 Day 4/5K Teacher – Cathryn Akel                                                                             

5 Day 4/5k Teacher – Leila Rabon

For more information contact the preschool office at (843) 650-2020 ext. 120  Download our Online Handbook by clicking HERE: SonRise Handbook